Momentum Therapeutic Massage, LLC

 March 2020 Newsletter

It’s been a long time since I created a newsletter, but I felt a need to be connected to you at this time.  I hope you are doing well, keeping your immune system strong, and practicing physical distancing to help flatten the curve.

The main reason for this newsletter is to share some information including an article I received about some natural ways to keep you healthy….now and in the future! 

I also want to encourage you to keep moving.  I know many of you are used to swimming a few times a week, or golfing, or working out at the gym.  Unfortunately, most of those aren’t available at this time, so, when the weather is beautiful, get out and walk!  Notice the ways spring is showing itself.  Say hello to everyone walking their dogs or playing with their children.  Soak up the sun. 

The days you can’t get out, do some stretches or turn on music and dance (no one’s looking)!  If you have some hand weights or stationary equipment (bike, elliptical) or videos, dust them off and use them.  I’ve noticed on Facebook that a lot of athletic clubs and yoga studios are posting workouts...for free!  Let me know if you need help finding these, but I just googled “free workouts during coronavirus”.  There are free ones as well as 30-day trial apps.  Take advantage of these. 

Another thing you can do while isolating in your home is learn...a new language, computer program, craft, or return to something you enjoy but haven’t had time for like playing the guitar or piano, or reading.  And of course, since it is spring, there’s always SPRING CLEANING!!

Another way to reduce stress is by stimulating the vagus nerve.  The vagus nerve is a long nerve that runs from your brain to your belly. It sends signals to the atrioventricular node, a cluster of cells at the bottom of your heart’s upper right chamber that helps control your heartbeat. Think of it as an electrical relay station. It takes signals from the sinoatrial node and slows them down before passing them along to the lower chambers. The result: A slower heart rate.

 One of my favorite ways is by singing, humming or chantingSinging at the top of your lungs not only increases oxytocin, it also works the muscles in the back of the throat to activate the vagus nerve! Singing in unison, which is often done in churches and synagogues, also increases HRV and vagus function.  All different forms of engaging your vocal chords (humming, mantra chanting, hymn singing and upbeat energetic singing) increase vagal tone in slightly different ways. Even chanting a single syllable (such as Om) creates an internal vibration in our throat that stimulates our organs and the vagus nerve.

And last but not least, visualize your last massage :-).  I know a lot of people are stressed which is leading to tight muscles, especially in your neck, shoulders and upper back.  Close your eyes, imagine laying on the massage table, and the strokes and breathing calming your body.  You could also ask “Alexa” (or whomever you have) to play meditation music.  Pay attention to your slow and controlled breathing.  Tilt your head right and left, let your shoulders drop away from your ears, feel calmness come over you. 

Your survival record of getting through tough situations is 100%.   That’s a good record...You can handle this. 

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Feel free to email, text or call me.  I’m here for you!